"Candy Lover"
3 Month Subscription

$ 21.00 per month
$ 63.00 total
"The Teaser"
Our 1 month at a time

$ 24.99
"Sweet Tooth"
6 Month Subscription

$ 18.00 per month
108.00 total
"The Die Hard"
12 Month Subscription

$ 15.00 per month
$ 180.00 total
Our Candy of the month
Club is the best place to
have name brand candies
delivered to your door, or
share them with your family
or friends.

Each plan, you’ll receive a
new box of hand-chosen
candy. A selection up to
3 lbs. of your favorites.

The hardest part is deciding
how many months your
going to choose. Each
package price includes
shipping and handling.