Dad's Favorites Gift Box   59.95

All the best selling sweet and savory
snacks combined into a wonderful pine gift
box. Summer Sausage (9oz)
Sharp Cheese (4oz), Pepper Jelly (5oz)
Smoked Salmon (3.25oz), Smoked Pate
(3.25oz), Spiced Almonds, Sweet'N'Hot
Mustard, Crackers, Chocolate Truffles,
Chocolate Covered Cherries, Blueberries,
Cranberries and Apricots
Dad's Pail of Treats  45.99

Whether it is the office, home, or outdoors
- all your favorite guy has to do is spread
this out and paint a smile on his face.
Summer Sausage, Hot Summer Sausage,
Santa Barbara Garlic Stuffed Olives, Bandon
Sharp Cheese, Toffee Almond Cranberry
Crunch, Eastshore Pretzels, Sweet 'n' Hot
Mustard, Spiced Almonds fill this 1 Gallon
Collector Paint Can .
The Ultimate Gourmet Cutting
Board   44.99

Serve up our handsome wooden cutting
board topped with delicious gourmet
goodies and we guarantee the snacking
won't end anytime soon! Includes: wooden
cutting board, meat cleaver, summer
sausage, garlic sausage, creamy cheese
spread, 6 assorted cheese bars, 4 large
assorted cheese triangles, 2 mini cheese
wedges, stone wheat crackers
Meat & Cheese

With so much goodness packed into an
attractive gift box this is a gift that truly
delivers gourmet tastes.
Dark Chocolate Coconut Delights, 3.75 oz.
Camembert Cheese Spread, 4.0 oz. Old
Hickory Cheese Bar,  5.0 oz. Original Beef
Summer Sausage, Grained Mustard, Wheat
Wafers, 2.0 oz. Smoked Salmon, Stainless
Steel Spreader
Simply Delicious 34.99

with metal handles and contains three
varieties of all-beef sausage and four of our
finest gourmet cheese bars. 4 oz. Heart of
Wisconsin Old Hickory Cheese Bar, 4 oz.
Heart of Wisconsin Swiss Blend Cheese Bar,
4 oz. Zesty Cheddar Bar, 4 oz.  Pepper
Cheese Bar, 7 oz. Garlic Sausage, 7 oz
Mesquite Sausage, 7 oz. Original Sausage.
A Cut Above Board 24.99

Filled with our delicious Heart of Wisconsin
cheeses, mustards, sausages, and
crackers.  Includes wooden handled mini
cleaver. Total of 6-7 items: Wooden cutting
board, Metal cleaver, Crackers, 2 Sausage,
mustard and 2 cheese
Stadium Treats Gift Pack 24.99

A sure goal for any occasion. This football
themed gift pack is sure to delight your
sport loving friend. Filled with delicious
meats and cheese's they can serve or enjoy
themselves while watching the next big
game. The Stadium Treats Gift Pack
includes: 1 each 5 oz Original Beef and
Garlic Beef summer sausage, 1 each 4 oz
Old Hickory and Swiss Blend cheese bar, .5
oz wheat crackers and 1.4 oz Cajun mustard
The Party Favorites Gift Pack 36.99

They will relish the tastes of a favorite
Cheese Gift Pack. Best Selling Party
Favorites includes 4 oz Old Hickory, Swiss
Blend, Zesty Cheddar, and Pepper Cheese
bars, 1.4 oz Grained and Yellow Mustards,
1.0 oz Wheat Wafers, and 7 oz Garlic,
Mesquite and Original Beef Summer